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Whether it is advising on Governing Board technology challenges, strategic directions, IT strategy development, IT governance, identifying business/departmental initiatives, or presenting to Boards, Strategic Technology Leadership Corporation (STLC) is here to help you.  The bottom line is: technology is there to enable the business, by delivering products/services faster and more efficiently.

Our Technology Advisory Services Framework is based on the tenets that:

1. There is no such thing as an "IT project".  Every project should be expressed in terms of its goals, success criteria and what it contributes to the organizations strategic or tactical objectives.

2. It is not just about the technology - it is about change management.  Regardless of how great the technology is, if you don’t include proper change management for the end-users and management staff, the technology will fail.

3. Adopt the "good enough" principle.  Don't aim for perfection. Make sure the system is good enough to do the basic functions, and then add on extra features to meet the organizationís evolving needs, as the organization is ready to incorporate those features.

We offer the following:

Board IT governance and risk management: Cutting through the techno-babble and getting to what boards really need know about governing technology.

Coaching partnership: Helping to see the forest from the trees. Serving as an active sounding board while supporting business leaders and accelerating the executive's career. Partner with an expert who lived the role and understands the challenges.

Strategic consulting including business transformation and change management: Aligning business, process and technology with business strategies and vision can be challenging.  Applying strategic planning principles and change management practices will ensure that the right framework is in place.

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